I'm Lee Chaelin.

You know-the leader of

2NE1 over at YG. You can call me Hatter or what you choose.


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                                And there we go again..

                             — I don’t think i’m the only one who isn’t fond with being alone in such a deserted place, am i right? New in business and new in the area. Help a stranger out and at the end you might get a little something out of it, who doesn’t like surprises?


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             So--I'm having an issue.

It seems I have more followers than friends here lately and it gets kind of sad after awhile though. Could you reblog this if you want a friend and not a follower,likes are welcomed too. I know you don’t like doing this, but what is the harm, right? Thank you so much guys!


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when someone asks if they can borrow your laptop for a second


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                                    );P L E A S E D O N T I G N O R E;(

I’m trying to get back on my feet and in order to do that, I need people to actually attempt to interact with me. I’ve tried many times on my own, but it doesn’t work out. Mind helping me? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

                                      Thank you so much again for this moment of your time.

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I’m trying again even though my last one didn’t go very far.

My name is Jessica but most people know me as Black Lightning, the lastest edition to the Justice League but I understand if you haven’t heard of me yet since most people are more familiar with my brothers ‘Thunder’ and ‘Lightning’.

I’m currently looking for some friends and stuff so it would be great if you’d pass this around,skip over this and I’ll get Green Arrow to shoot one up your as—-

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How could you [ want ]
                      to be with

                           { s o m e b o d y }

         like                                   [ me ]

You don’t know him, nobody does. A few years ago, he just appeared on the street. The typical boy-next-door. Nobody really noticed him but he didn’t mind. He, himself and his own thoughts. Of course, it gets lonely pretty fast, friends would be great.

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I know you I walked with you once upon a dream…

Kim Taeyeon here with a simple request. No princess like to venture into the woods alone, so I’m looking for others to get along with! Just like, reblog, or follow. That’s all I ask of you. If you do at least two of the three, I’ll thank you with a hug and cuddle since I’m cute like that.

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Ah, who am I? You know that surname Woo. Yeah, yeah, Zico’s brother. It happens all the time — people just know me through him. S’kinda rude, don’t ya’ think? Considering I am a fuckin’ god— ahem, an individual. But anyhow, SPEED’s leader present. I ain’t rude half the time ya’ talk to me, so give it a shot? And aye, don’t tease me. 

  • ya ain’t gotta hover for my shit, ‘iight. 
  • mirrored literacy, mirrored style
  • there’s 18+ shit on my blog sometimes
  • what else do people put here, man

pls follow i beg n i pay u in hugs ye 

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