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                 I do believe in fairies. I do, I do.

She caught herself in the midst of her memories as a voice called to grab her attention, looking up with soft smile spread on her lips Yura gave the stranger a quick wave. “Sorry, you weren’t trying to call me long right? I’ll make it up to you if you were. Even if you weren’t because I’m hungry. Lets go get something sweet like cotton candy. We can be the only adults eating a child’s treat. I think too many people rush to grow up around here.”

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"I mean if I where you I'd want to go out with me hah"

name’s suga or yoongi~ I’m from BTS have you heard of us? hope so~ anyways can ya help me out? please and thank you~ so uh reblog and follow or like I guess.

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                            ѕтσρ тнє nσιѕє ..

                                                        … ιт’ѕ тσσ ℓσυ∂ 


Even in childhood I always wondered if there was way to escape things you dreaded even thinking about; yet I'm clearly still trapped in this nightmare. Trapped by other's ideals and crushing responsibilities. It's as if their demands all blur into one outcome. One shallow outcome. I don't want to be apart of this. I don't want to be like any of them. I don't want to be here.

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Surprise, surprise, never something I could hide when I see we made it through another day.

Time is such a scary concept. There was an infinity of time before today and there will be an infinity of time tomorrow, yet, you only live a fraction of that infinity. How will you spend your infinity? Don’t waste it. Take risks. Jump blindly into the unknown. Who knows, you might jump into a beautiful eternity.

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five pills, a cellphone, textbook and white sheetsthere you have it, me broken down for you. but you’ll never know me till you lay a knife above my ribcage and rip apart the skin. reach into the veiled madness and pull out a pulsing organ. or there’s the other option. to slide down my throat and into the back of my mind - and digging through a secret that will make you beg. please, please let me out. (ask)

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Sele Kyungsoo was born among the clouds. He is the son of two dedicated cloud farmers, people who form and shape the clouds for their intended purpose, but it seems his heart just wasn’t in it. Sure, he loved cloud farming, but he just didn’t feel like that was ‘it’ for him. So down, down, down, did he come from his little farm in the sky to set up a glass shop to try his hand at humanly affairs.  

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                 So--I'm having an issue.

It seems I have more followers than friends here lately and it gets kind of sad after awhile though. Could you reblog this if you want a friend and not a follower,likes are welcomed too. I know you don’t like doing this, but what is the harm, right? Thank you so much guys!


I may not be perfect but I'm limited edition.

I’m obviously the leader of SHINee, I don’t know what you’re talking? Ehe, I’m serious. Nah, I’m not. Or am I? I’m lame and my name is Jonghyun. I’m new and have no friends. Literally. I got no followers. I’m a dork and a tease so I’m sorry. I like making nick names and giving people cuddles. Be my friend?

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